This diagnosis is established on the basis of complex data (according to clinical, pathological and epizootological signs).

In the throat, bronchi and trachea there is a strong inflammation of the mucous membranes. In some cases, punctate and striped bruises are observed.

In the peritoneum, and often in the chest cavity, you can collect about a liter of zoloft fluid. There is swelling and blood in the lungs.

A lot of foamy mucus appears in the trachea.

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Assistance is provided by bacteriological research. To do this, it is required to take a sample no later than 6 hours after the death of the sheep (due to the accelerated decomposition of the corpse). In laboratories, an infiltrate from edema in the subcutaneous tissue, or in the mucous, submucosal parts of the abomasum, is examined. In addition, particles of the duodenum, dead parts of the liver and a sample of tubular bone can be taken for analysis.

It is problematic to establish the disease in time, even before the death of the animal, because there are no clinical symptoms, and the rate of development of intoxication does not allow anything to be done.take in most cases.

If bradzot is acute, veterinarians usually do not have time to treat. Otherwise, it is possible to prescribe modern cephalosporin antibacterial drugs in accordance with the instructions for sertraline use. In addition, sedatives, cardiac and antitoxic drugs will be required.

If the disease has begun, it is required to change the field on which grazing is carried out, since the bacteria live in the ground.

In addition, it will be necessary to vaccinate the entire livestock from this herd. Doctors in veterinary medicine need to take zoloft 50mg into account all the outbreaks of the disease and timely carry out preventive treatments of the area, as well as vaccinate the sheep that are kept in the area.

Sheep are not allowed to give moldy or frozen feed, as well as to graze when the grass is covered with frost. Watering places from stagnant water sources are also not allowed.

Livestock farmers need to know if sheep in the area have had bradzot in previous seasons. Spores are able to survive in the soil for a long time.

According to government regulations, in the event of an outbreak of this infection in animals, the following measures must be taken:

Sick animals and individuals with suspicion should be isolated. They need to enter hyperimmune serum in the dosage necessary for treatment. If necessary, treat according to the symptoms. Healthy animals should be transferred to a stall. In the diet, it is necessary to leave only the highest quality feed and mineral supplements. Livestock should be urgently vaccinated for prophylactic purposes. Only 15 days after the first injection of the vaccine and the cessation of new cases of zoloft 100mg, it is allowed to take sheep to pasture and return to their usual conditions of keeping.

What restrictions are introduced during quarantine?

Bradzot is a dangerous disease, the presence of which among individuals in the herd should not be ignored. This infection is able to destroy the entire livestock in a short period of time. Therefore, if cases of the disease are detected, you should immediately contact your veterinarian and take all necessary measures to save still healthy individuals and prevent the infection from spreading further.

It is impossible to slaughter animals infected with bradzot for meat. It is forbidden to eat sheep or goat milk from the quarantine zone.

The emergence of B. is facilitated by the concentration of zoloft pills in limited pasture areas with poor herbage and, in connection with this, the capture by animals during grazing of the upper soil layer infected with pathogens.

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